Rainguard Tarpaulins



*Includes stainless steel eyelids spaced 500mm apart on all four sides.

Poly Tarpaulins, also  referred to as polyethylene tarps, are large sheets of waterproof material. Woven polyethylene, also known as rainguard, is a woven synthetic material with a laminate. It is light weight, waterproof, easy to clean and available in multiple colours.

Material: 180gsm Rainguard


  • Cover building supplies, such as sand, to protect them from the weather.
  • Protect stored equipment from rain and/or dust.
  • Protect and secure goods being transported
  • Protect outdoor furniture against weather conditions.
  • Suspended outside (temporarily) to create shade on a warm day.
  • Ground sheet for camping


  • Waterproof
  • Lightweight