PVC Patient Stretcher

Medical Products

SA Canvas is an SMME that specializes in manufacturing canvas and PVC products, in South Africa. We manufacture various products for the medical industry from stretchers to laundry bags. Medical Stretchers These are material stretchers made from either cottonduct or PVC. The PVC material is durable, waterproof and easy to clean and disinfect, while the...Continue reading

Blue Solid PVC Pool Cover

Pool Covers

SA Canvas manufactures custom made pool covers. A pole system is used, which stretches the width of the pool, to allow you to easily remove the pool cover. The PVC is blue in colour with a black underside, which helps to prevent algae growth and water evaporation.

Dark Grey PVC Outdoor Blinds

Blackbeards Outdoor Blinds

These PVC outdoor blinds were installed at Blackbeards Restaurant, at the Chapman Hotel. They perfectly enclose the outdoor sitting area during bad weather while still allowing customers to take in the ocean view. PVC was chosen as it is durable, waterproof and easy to clean.

PVC Trailer Cover

Trailer Cover

This trailer cover is one of many that we have recently manufactured. PVC is a durable, waterproof material that is easy to clean. This cover included hooks and stretch cord to ensure a tight fit and to keep goods being transported safe and dry.

Grey PVC Canopy Cover

Canopy Cover

This PVC canopy cover ensures that anything transported will be kept dry and dust free. The windows on the side, made from shadecloth, ensure that there is ventilation as this client will be transporting dogs.